C. bulbispermum blooming

Joe jshaw@opuntiads.com
Wed, 13 Feb 2008 18:32:02 PST
Hi Gang,

This has been the warmest winter I can remember in the past 5-10 years (here 
north of Houston, TX).  We've had one or two frosts that hit 25-26 F, but 
nothing lower.  In another two weeks I'll figure the hard frosts are over, 
but we could still get a hit in the next 2-3 weeks.

Meanwhile, I heard it was 40 F below zero in the upper Midwest of the USA.

I have one C. bulbispermum that tried to bloom in January and the scape was 
cut down by frost.  It put up another attempt that fizzled due to cold in 
the past few days.  However, there is yet another scape coming along.  Who 
knows, maybe this will be a February-blooming Crinum bulbispermum.

I don't think it is a "true" bulbispermum, and it doesn't have the prettiest 
flower.  But I've got to give it high marks for pluck.

In general, I think of C. bulbispermum (and C. bulbispermum wannabes) as 
cool-weather bloomers, they bloom early in the season and sometimes in fall. 
This plant is showing that it prefers  cool weather.  I've never noticed it 
blooming in winter before and I suppose it has been the lack of an early 
hard frost, or the lack of a frost into the low 20s that has encouraged it 
to bloom.

How about folks along the coast of California, or other similar climates. 
How does C. bulbisperumum behave for you?



Conroe TX

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