Peruvian Daffodils/Ismene/Hymenocallis

J.E. Shields
Tue, 05 Feb 2008 05:54:56 PST
Hi all,

Hymenocallis and Ismene flowers come only in white and yellow, although a 
few have a lot of green in the tepals (petals + sepals).

Jim Shields
in central Indiana (USA)

At 08:11 PM 2/4/2008 -0800, you wrote:
>Another gardener asked me last week if I had ever seen any Peruvian 
>Daffodils (Hymenocallis) sold or grown in any colors other than White or 
>Yellow.  Simply because he asked, I thought maybe he knew something I 
>didn't... .so I went to one of my favorite bulb suppliers and asked the 
>same question; they haven't seen anything in say Pink or Red.  Before I 
>sign off on this, possibly someone would please confirm that this is the 
>right answer?  Because if this group hasn't grown or studied it, it 
>probably does not exist.
>   Catherine T., New York

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