Pacific BX 164

Alberto Castillo
Tue, 05 Feb 2008 05:20:49 PST
Dear all:
           Perhaps it woud be of interest to add a few comments to this material sent for the BX.
           Seed is all fresh, some just harvested
> 3. Gladiolus sp. probably segetum, very hardy Eurasian (W), from wild collected plants> > 4. Gladiolus illyricus from wild parent plants, very hardy (W), from wild collectd plants> > 5. Gladiolus communis ssp. Byzantinus, very hardy (W), from wild collected plants
> > 6. Iris xiphium ssp. Lusitanicum, dainly golden yellow wild form,  (W) from wild plants> > 7. Gelasine elongata (azurea), warm grower (W), the region is citrus country> > 8. Herbertia caerulea (W), the form from Texas, quite hardy, received as "Alophia drummondii"> > 9. Cypella coelestis (W), from wild collected plants, sugarcane country> > 10. Cooperia smallii (W), from wild collected plants> > 11. Habranthus martinezi (W), several different forms, some pink. Very floriforus in flushes. An easy species, very lng lived and adaptable. 
> > 12. Aristolochia fimbriata (S), this is a tuberous nativa Aristolochia, very attractive round reniform leaves, some plants have plain green leaves, others with broad silver veining, rivalling the best Asarums. Sow individually and pot on as they grow as tubers are pretty fragile. This is not a climber but a short trailing plant. In the wild zones 9-10 but could be hardier. Semishade, shade or full sun for part of the day. 
> > 13. Tropaeolum pentaphyllum, (W) there is a comprehensive introduction at the PBS wiki, details there. Sow upon receipt, seeds must be dry off.> > 14. Ranunculus macranthus (W), a spectacular species form Texas. Like a half sized yellow garden Ranunculus, if faded flowers are removed, blooming season is two whole months or more. Sow seeds without delay. Fresh seeds. Seeds stored for some time did not germinate. > > 15. Leucojum autumnale var. oporanthum, true from the wild (W), from wild collected plants. > > 16. Canna, dwarf sp., (S) a dwarf (60 cm. tall) species received from a Botanic Garden as "C. tuerckheimii", which is obviously inst't. Fresh seed. > > 17. Arum euxinum, (W), this was received from Kew years ago. I had my doubts as it looks like hygrophilum a lot but an aroid specialis saw it las Deember and said it is the true euxinum, off it goes, enjoy. Just harvested. > > 18. Bulblets of Allium canadense, very good form (W) selected from wild plants in Texas. These are the bulblets that are produced in the umbels along with normal flowers. > > 19. Small tubers of Dioscorea sp., winter dormant (S), a lovely dwarf climber that could be quite hardy, with cordate lance shaped leaves that turn orange in autumn.  
Zephyranthes primulina, (S), one of the best of all. Here it flowers non stop for three months or more in full sun and big containers. Just harvested. This is one of the few species bullet proof and to start with. 
With best wishes
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