Wiki Additions--Caladenia, Stegostyla, Arachnorchis, Petalochilus, Jonesiopsis

Mary Sue Ittner
Sun, 24 Feb 2008 16:08:20 PST

I've been working for weeks adding pictures to the Wiki of tuberous 
terrestrial orchids we saw in Australia in September and October. These 
orchids were all considered to be Caladenia in the books we have, but have 
been split out by Jones and Clement with a difference of opinion from other 
experts about accepting these changes. I decided to put the pictures and 
information on the new genus pages with an explanation and a link to 
Caladenia. So here are my recent additions which can all be accessed 
through the Caladenia page:…
Caladenia carnea (Pink Fingers, now in Petalochilus, seen in the Grampians, 
Caladenia flava, remaining in Caladenia, known as a cowslip orchid, a very 
wonderful yellow orchid with large flowers seen in a number of places in 
Western Australia
Caladenia footeana, (daddy long legs, now in Jonesiopsis which I find hard 
to tell apart from Arachnorchis, seen at a wildflower show in Albany, WA)
Caladenia gracilis (included in Stegostyla, which is similar to 
Petalochilus, except the dorsal sepal curves over the column)
Caladenia latifolia,  Pink Fairies,  also remaining in Caladenia, large 
pink flowers, seen in numerous locations in southwestern Western Australia
Caladenia longicauda (white spider, now in Arachnorchis, seen in the 
Stirlings, Western Australia)
Caladenia polychroma (spider, now in Arachnorchis, seen in the Stirlings, 
Western Australia)
Caladenia pusilla (very tiny "fingers" orchid seen near Apollo Bay in 
Victoria, now in Petalochilus)
Or you can look at the pictures on Caladenia and go to the new pages:……………

I think there are a couple more spiders I haven't figured out to add at a 
later date.

Jay Yourch updated his pictures of Narcissus February Gold…
Looking at them should put people in a spring mood.

Mary Sue
Where a wet and windy storm seems to have moved through in coastal Northern 

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