Stegostyla is one of the proposed new genera in the breakup of Caladenia in the Orchidaceae family. It is not recognized as a genus universally and is considered a subgenus of Caladenia by some. Flowers have short broad segments with pink or white petals, a narrow leaf, and a lip with rows of free calli. It is very like Petalochilus except that the flowers are glandular on the outside and the dorsal sepal is curved forward over the column which does not have red bars.

The Species Orchid Society of Western Australia hosts a lot of information online about Australian orchids here.

The Australian terrestrial orchids are notoriously challenging to grow, although some enthusiasts are starting to achieve success by cultivating the symbiotic fungus that many of the orchids require in order to grow. Very careful fertilization is required to keep the fungus and orchid in balance. There's a good discussion of the relationship here.

Stegostyla gracilis, syn. Caladenia gracilis, is a southeastern Australia species that is strongly scented gaining its common name of Musky Caladenia. It is wide spread in Victoria growing in well drained soils in open forest and woodland or scrubby slopes. It grows up to 45 cm. tall and has 1 to 4 flowers on a long pedicel that range from 6 to 40 mm. across. Flowers are dusky on the outside and generally white inside. Photographs taken October 2007 in the Grampians by Bob Rutemoeller and Mary Sue Ittner.

Stegostyla gracilis, Grampians, Bob RutemoellerStegostyla gracilis, Grampians, Grampians, Mary Sue IttnerStegostyla gracilis, Grampians, Mary Sue Ittner

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