The Pacific Bulb Society list began to have a topic of the week (TOW) in November 2002. List members sent in their suggestions for topics to be discussed which included a general discussion of a genus, or a specific area of the genus, or a topic of general interest. Often an introduction is provided for the topic by one of the list members. Below is the list of topics with a link to the archives for those discussions and to a specific introduction when there was one. Since this page is getting to be rather long, I'll link the topics for the two subsequent years by adding wiki pages for TOW 2003 and TOW 2004.

November 2002

Growing from Seed

Difficult Seeds November Discussion

Difficult Seeds December Discussion

December 2002

Ornithogalum -- Alberto Castillo Introduction

Favorite Books

Digital Photography of Plants and subsequent manipulation--John Lonsdale Introduction

Favorite Urls

Favorite Urls-List members web sites

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