This wiki page serves as a bibliography for our subject. It is a compilation of works that contributors have found useful for information on bulbs in general and on specific genera. Please include all the information shown in the existing citations. The ISBN number is helpful if the publisher is obscure. You may include a brief (one-sentence) annotation modeled on those shown. Subjective evaluations are those of individual contributors to this web page and do not reflect the official policy of the Pacific Bulb Society, its officers and board of directors.

Alpine Garden Society. 1993. Alpine Garden Society Encyclopaedia of Alpines. 2 vols. Ed. by Kenneth Beckett. Pershore, UK: Alpine Garden Society. Bulb entries, by leading authorities on the genera, are mostly excellent; a few color photos. Available only from the Alpine Garden Society.

Anderson, E. Bertram. 1959. Dwarf Bulbs for the Rock Garden. London: Thomas Nelson and Sons. A little-known but seminal book, which, along with Brian Mathew's "Dwarf Bulbs" and "The Larger Bulbs", triggered the modern interest in species bulbs.

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Bowles, E. A. 1985. A handbook of Narcissus. London: Thames & Hudson. (1st ed., 1934, Waterstone.) Reprint with new preface by Brian Mathew and new color illustr.; outdated but useful for history in cultivation from UK perspective and Bowles's informed and readable text.

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Du Plessis, Niel and Graham Duncan. 1989. Bulbous Plants of Southern Africa: A Guide to their Cultivation and Propagation. Cape Town: Tafelberg. Extremely useful book not only for information on cultivation and propagation, but because it includes information from summer rainfall areas and not just the Cape as well as geophytic genera sometimes left out; there are nice botanical illustrations by Elise Bodley as well.

Duncan, G. D. 1988. The Lachenalia Handbook. Cape Town: National Botanic Gardens. This handbook was a great source of information for many years, but the author published a complete revision in 2012 upgrading varieties and subspecies to species levels and including some species in other species. The handbook continues to be a less technical guide to the genus than the revision.

Duncan, Graham. 2002. Grow Nerines: a Guide to the Species, Cultivation, Propagation of the Genus Nerine. Claremont: National Botanical Institute. This guide is part of the Kirstenbosch Gardening Series.

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Duncan, Graham. 2012. The Genus Lachenalia. Richmond: Kew Publishing. With watercolours by Winsome Barker, Fay Anderson, Ellaphic Ward-Hilhorst, Claire Linder Smith, Elbe Joubert, Vicki Thomas, Marieta Visagie and Rhona Collett. Described at the first complete, illustrated systematic monograph of this genus, including new species.

Duncan, Graham. 2016. The Amaryllidaceae of Southern Africa. Pretoria: Umdaus Press. Text by Graham Duncan, watercolor paintings by Barbara Jeppe and Leigh Voigt. All known genera and species are included with descriptions and synonyms, distinguishing features, life cycle, distribution, habitat, and cultivation. Most species are illustrated by paintings that took 45 years to complete.

Duncan, Graham and Barbara Jeppe, Leigh Voight. 2020. Field Guide to the Amaryllis Family of Southern Africa & Surrounding Territories. Nelspruit: Gallery Press. Text by Graham Duncan, watercolor paintings by Barbara Jeppe and Leigh Voigt. This guide with contributions from the same people as the book The Amaryllidaceae of Southern Africa is arranged by habitat and has photographs in addition to the paintings, often showing the bulb flowering in habitat, and sometimes leaves to help in identification.

Dykes, W. Rickatson Dykes. 1912. Irises. Vol. 11 in the Present Day Gardening series. London: T.C. & E.C. Jack. A thin, drab volume now of historical interest; the eight colored plates were a big deal in 1912 and have some minor artistic merit on their own.

Dykes, W. R. 1924. A Handbook of Garden Irises. London: Martin Hopkinson. Perhaps primarily of historical interest now, but it is surprising what they were growing in the 1920s.

Elliott, Jack. 1988. Growing Dwarf Bulbs. A Wisley Handbook. London: Cassell for the RHS. ISBN 0-304-32152-4. A very small (64 pp.) but authoritative starter volume by a very well known grower.

Elliott, Jack 1995. Bulbs for the Rock Garden. Portland: Timber Press. This delightful book shares the author's experience cultivating mostly smaller bulbs in the garden.

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Genders, Roy. 1973. Bulbs, A Complete Handbook of Bulbs, Corms, and Tubers. London: Robert Hale. ISBN 0-7091-3156-9. A 600-page bible including material on bulbs otherwise poorly documented. Not, however, to be taken as authoritative; the author was something of a horticultural book-mill and one suspects there may be many errors in the text.

Gerritsen, Mary E. and Ron Parsons. 2007. Calochortus: Mariposa Lilies & their Relatives. Portland: Timber Press. Wonderful resource for this genus that includes descriptions, color photos, habitat and cultivation information about every major group and species.

Goldblatt, Peter. 1985. Systematics of the Southern African Genus Geissorhiza (Iridaceae-Ixioideae) . Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden 72:277-477. Botanical monograph with a key, a few color photographs, descriptions of species, flowering time, distribution, and ways of telling similar species apart. Includes drawings and distribution maps for some species.

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Goldblatt, Peter 1989. The Genus Watsonia: a systematic monograph. Cape Town: National Botanic Gardens. Monograph includes history, morphology, ecology, pollination and geography along with species descriptions, cultivation information, and a key. There are 26 color plates illustrating a few of the species beautifully drawn by a number of botanical artists.

Goldblatt, Peter 1996. Gladiolus in Tropical Africa: Systematics, Biology & Evolution. Portland: Timber Press. Classic reference book or the 82 species that occur in tropical Africa and are not well known with line drawings by John C. Manning.

Goldblatt, Peter and John Manning. 1998. Gladiolus in Southern Africa. Vlaeberg: Fernwood Press. Descriptions of each species including a distribution map, relationships with other species, and history and good line drawings and beautiful watercolor illustrations make this a very useful book.

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Gusman, Guy and Liliane Gusman. 2006. The Genus Arisaema: A Monograph for Botanists and Nature Lovers (2nd edition). Portland: Timber Press, Inc. This book is considered the best book you can find on this genus by Arisaema enthusiasts. The new book has updated information including new species and recent developments in taxonomy.

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Jeppe, Barbara ( with additional text by Grahman Duncan). 1989. Spring and Winter Flowering Bulbs of the Cape. Cape Town: Oxford University Press. Although there have been some name changes since this book was written, it is still a very useful book because of Jeppe's wonderful botanical illustrations that show species on one page so you can compare them and because it contains helpful descriptive identifying information as well as information about habitat, time of bloom, and distribution

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