TOW 2003

These topics were discussed in the topic of the week in 2003.

January 2003

Triteleia -- Mary Sue Ittner Introduction

Brunsvigia -- Bill Dijk Introduction

Bulbs for Pacific Northwest Gardens--Ernie O'Byrne Introduction

Eremurus (Informal Choice)

February 2003

Crocus Species in the Garden -- Tony Goode Introduction

Roscoea --Rob Hamilton and Lyn Edwards Co-Introduction

Schizostylis -Hesperantha a confused genus -- Alan Kennedy Introduction

British Native bulbs and their allies -- Robin Attrill Introduction

March 2003

Allium-- Mark McDonough Introduction
Follow-ups from Mark

Favorite Sources of Bulbs and Seed

Bulbs for Mediterranean Gardens

Rhodophiala -- Alberto Castillo Introduction

Coping with Cold (Bulbs for frozen soil) -- Judy Glattstein Introduction

April 2003

Growing Tender Bulbs in Cold Climates -- Mark Mazer Introduction

Babiana -- Rachel Saunders Introduction

Bulbs for Continental climates, Upper Midwest -- Boyce Tankersley Introduction

Nerine -- Hamish Sloan Introduction Part 1
Introduction Part 2

May 2003 Vegetative Propagation -- Diane Whitehead Introduction

Muscari -- Martin Philippo Introduction

Favorite Bulbs for Shade

Dichelostemma -- Mary Sue Ittner Introduction

June 2003

Species Lilies -- John Bryan Introduction

Bulbs for Texas -- Cynthia Mueller Introduction

Brodiaea -- Mary Sue Ittner Daily Introductions

Favorite Bulb Combinations

Dwarf Alstroemeria -- Jane McGary Introduction

July 2003

Albuca -- Julian Slade Introduction

Dahlia species and related genera -- Johannes-Ulrich Urban Introduction

Woody Irids -- Martin Grantham Introduction

Memory Bulbs

August 2003

Bulbs that flower without leaves

Eucomis -- David Fenwick Introduction

Arisaema -- Ernie O'Byrne Introduction

Unexpected Reappearing Bulbs

September 2003

Bulbs with Surprising Hardiness

Shy Bloomers/Supposedly Shy Bloomers

Tigridia -- Alberto Castillo Introduction

IBSA Symposium 2003/Visit to South Africa--Mary Sue Ittner's Daily Introductions

October 2003

Landscaping with Bulbs

Companion Plants to Bulbs


Bulbs that can be converted to another cycle

November 2003

Oxalis--Robin Attrill Introduction

Sinningia as garden plants -- John Ingram Introduction

December 2003

Starting in December 2003 we have added a topic for the first week on what to do each month. Diane Whitehead leads our discussion of what to do each month in the garden, with pots, seeds, etc. in the Northern Hemisphere. Others will add what to do in their areas.

Look for entries under TOW NH Do

Scilla -- Jerry Flintoff Introduction

Updating our urls from December 2002 was done with the subject Helpful Urls

Bulbs for the Holidays

Cyrtanthus -- Bill Dijk Introduction Part 1
Introduction Part 2

See TOW 2004 for topics discussed in 2004 and TOW for topics in 2002.

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