Bill Dijk

Most of the information on this page is historical, written at the time when Bill was adding images to the wiki in its early days with just a few past tense changes. This blog post from June 2018 gives more information.

We (husband & wife) in the past managed and operated a small mail-order nursery (mainly bulbs) both hardy and tender. My main interests and specialities are in rare and unusual bulbs, although I will grow and enjoy almost anything that offers a challenge with bulbs and produces beautiful flowers. My favourites geophytes are Tecophilaea, Cyrtanthus, Lachenalia, Romulea, Lapeirousia, miniature Narcissi species and varieties, Fritillaria, Hippeastrum, Brunsvigia, Oxalis, Leucocoryne, Rhodophiala, Tropaeolum, Trillium, Gladiolus, Moraea, Calochortus, Arisaema, just to mention a few.

We live in Tauranga, the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. With bountiful sunshine, and a balmy climate Tauranga in the Bay of Plenty with its fertile soil, is ideal for growing horticultural crops like avocados, grapes, our well-known kiwifruit, citrus and other suitable crops including bulbs and the cut-flowers industry. Rain at regular intervals compliments the environment to produce good growing conditions for most crops. From untouched rainforests and sub-tropical farmlands to pure white sands of the coast you will find that the Bay of Plenty is aptly named. It is a land blessed by nature where abundant green lands meet the clear blue waters of the Pacific Ocean.
Tauranga, New Zealand : annual rainfall: 1250 mm.(49 in.)
Sunshine hours, mean annual: 2350 hours.
Temp. mean max.summer: 25 °C. (77 °F.) Winter: 15 °C. (59 °F)
Temp. mean min. summer: 14.5 °C (58 °F.) Winter: 5 °C. (41 °F)
Wet mild winters with occasional light frost.

I used a Nikon Coolpix 995 digital camera and Paint Shop pro7 Millennium edition to further manipulate and adjust most of the images I have added to the wiki.

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