Romulea is a genus in the Iridaceae family of about 90 species that is found both in South Africa and in Europe. Rootstock is a corm, globose, bell shaped to top shaped, compressed or asymmetric with a circular to crescent shaped basal ridge. This genus has flowers reminiscent of Crocus. They are both in the subfamily Crocoideae and the tribe Croceae. Many are quite striking, especially the South African species and there is a great variation in color and markings of the flowers. They are easy to grow in pots and many are easy from seed, flowering rather quickly in some cases. We have made wiki pages for them based on geography and all species are also listed below with a link found in a table to the place on the correct wiki geographical pages.

There are three good references for the southern African species, The Genus Romulea in South Africa written by Miriam de Vos in 1972, her revision written in 1982 and a later revision from John Manning and Peter Goldblatt in 2001.

Most species of Romulea are not difficult to grow from seeds. Sow winter growing species in a well-drained medium in the fall and water well. It takes 4-6 weeks for seedlings to appear. If the seedlings don't come up the first year, they may the second year (Mary Sue Ittner). It is reported that they need a day/night fluctuation in temperature to sprout. Many growers have difficulties sprouting Romulea hantamensis. Seeds should be fresh and they need to be stratified in the fridge for a few months. A little bit of fertilizer may help the seedlings develop better. Allow the plants to have a complete dry summer dormancy when the leaves have withered.

Romulea albiflora, Alan HorstmannRomulea discifera, Bob RutemoellerRomulea hallii, Bob RutemoellerRomulea monadelpha, Middelpos, Mary Sue IttnerRomulea tabularis, Mary Sue IttnerRomulea unifolia and Romulea subfistulosa, Alan Horstmann

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Romulea species
Romulea albiflora Romulea albomarginata Romulea amoena Romulea aquatica
Romulea atranda Romulea austinii Romulea autumnalis Romulea biflora
Romulea bulbocodium Romulea camerooniana Romulea campanuloides Romulea citrina
Romulea clusiana Romulea columnae Romulea crocea Romulea cruciata
Romulea dichotoma Romulea discifera Romulea diversiformis Romulea elliptica
Romulea engleri Romulea eximia Romulea fibrosa Romulea flava
Romulea gigantea Romulea grandiscapa Romulea hallii Romulea hantamensis
Romulea hirsuta Romulea hirta Romulea hybrids Romulea jugicola
Romulea kamisensis Romulea komsbergensis Romulea leipoldtii Romulea ligustica
Romulea linaresii Romulea longipes Romulea luteoflora Romulea macowanii
Romulea membranacea Romulea minutiflora Romulea monadelpha Romulea montana
Romulea monticola Romulea multisulcata Romulea namaquensis Romulea nivalis
Romulea obscura Romulea pearsonii Romulea phoenicia Romulea pilosa
Romulea pratensis Romulea pudica Romulea quartzicola Romulea ramiflora
Romulea rosea Romulea sabulosa Romulea saldanhensis Romulea schlechteri
Romulea setifolia Romulea sladenii Romulea sp. Romulea sphaerocarpa
Romulea subfistulosa Romulea syringodeoflora Romulea tabularis Romulea tempskyana
Romulea tetragona Romulea thodei Romulea toximontana Romulea tortuosa
Romulea triflora Romulea unifolia Romulea vinacea Romulea vlokii

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