Iridaceae or the Iris family is a worldwide diverse group found in mostly temperate regions of perennial evergreen or deciduous herbs with roots usually from underground rhizomes, bulbs or corms. This family belongs to the order Asparagales. Plants with simple leaves with parallel veins are mostly arranged in a fan arising from the rootstock or stem. Stems are simple or branching and are associated with bracts. The bisexual brightly colored flowers usually have 6 showy tepals, 3 stamens and an inferior 3 chambered ovary and are long-lasting or short-lived. Many of them are intricately adapted to attract pollinators, provide landing stages, and reward them with pollen, nectar or oils. A large number of the genera and species occur in Southern Africa and there are a number of South American genera too. The reference book that outlines the characteristics of this family, the natural history, and evolution as well as the most recent classification system was published in 2008 and was written by Peter Goldblatt and John C. Manning.

Additional photos of plants in this family can be found on the SIGNA species database.

Genera of Iridaceae on the PBS wiki
Acidanthera Alophia Anapalina Anomalesia Anomatheca Antholyza
Aristea Babiana Barnardiella Belamcanda Bobartia Calydorea
Cardenanthus Chasmanthe Cipura Cobana Colima Crocosmia
Crocus Cyanixia Cypella Devia Dierama Dietes
Diplarrena Duthieastrum Eleutherine Engysiphon Ennealophus Ferraria
Fosteria Freesia Galaxia Geissorhiza Gelasine Geosiris
Gladiolus Gynandriris Herbertia Hermodactylus Hesperantha Hesperoxiphion
Hexaglottis Homoglossum Homeria Iris Isophysis Ixia
Kelissa Klattia Lapeirousia Libertia Mastigostyla Melasphaerula
Micranthus Moraea Nemastylis Neomarica Nivenia Olsynium
Onira Orthrosanthus Pardanthopsis Patersonia Pillansia Pseudotrimezia
Radinosiphon Rigidella Romulea Savannosiphon Schizostylis Sessilanthera
Sisyrinchium Solenomelus Sparaxis Synnotia Syringodea Thereianthus
Tigridia Trimezia Tritonia Tritoniopsis Watsonia Witsenia
Xenoscapa Zygotritonia

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