Hermodactylus tuberosus was considered to be a monotypic genus of the Iridaceae family from the Mediterranean area. It is related to Iris at first glance, but its flowers lack the vexillum tepals. Flowers have a unique black and green-golden colour, and are slightly scented too. The Chase group at Jodrell labs at Kew, which has been studying Iris, has published results returning this genus to it. The new name is Iris tuberosa, which is what it was called before it became Hermodactylus tuberosus. This change has been accepted. Some people will probably still know it under its previous name and since it is in a category of its own, we are listing it here and cross referencing it on the wiki Iris page.

Photos in habitat by Angelo Porcelli from Apulia. Occasionally, totally golden specimens can be seen as illustrated in the second photo.

Iris tuberosa, Angelo PorcelliIris tuberosa, Angelo Porcelli

The first photo was taken by Kristina Van Wert. The second photo was contributed by the UC Botanical Garden. The last four photos are from Mary Sue Ittner who was surprised to see this flowering in her garden many years after she thought it was gone in a place she didn't think she planted it. It returned the following year as well.

Iris tuberosa, Kristina Van WertIris tuberosa, UC Botanical GardenIris tuberosa, Mary Sue IttnerIris tuberosa, Mary Sue IttnerIris tuberosa, Mary Sue IttnerIris tuberosa, Mary Sue Ittner

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