Pardanthopsis has been sometimes included in Iris and sometimes separated into a genus in its own right. It is in the Iridaceae family and has only one species. It was introduced in 1773 as Iris dichotoma, separated out in 1972 as Pardanthopsis dichotoma and now generally accepted as Iris dichotoma again.

Iris dichotoma (Pall.) L.W.Lenz , syn. Pardanthopsis dichotoma Pall., from Siberia, China, and Mongolia is one half of the combination which produced the so-called Candy Lilies , × Pardancanda norrisii. The other parent was Belamcanda chinensis, now called Iris domestica. Iris dichotoma is often called the Vesper Iris. This species sometimes behaves as a biennial, so keep an eye on the seed pods! First photo taken in the garden of Jim McKenney on July 25, 2004. This species grows from a small rhizome that has thick, swollen roots, has a much branched flowering stem, and short lived flowers. Second photo by Caroline Langensiepen with hover fly pollinator in situ. Photos 3-5 of seed and a seedling by David Pilling.

Iris dichotoma, Jim McKenneyIris dichotoma with hover fly pollinator in situ, Caroline LangensiepenIris dichotoma seed, David PillingIris dichotoma seedling 12th March 2014, David PillingIris dichotoma seedling 6th April 2014, David Pilling

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