Jim McKenney

I garden on a quarter acre lot in Montgomery County, Maryland, just north of Washington, D.C. Bulbs have been a favorite all of my gardening life, but a visitor to this small garden would probably not recognize it as a bulb garden. There are lots of other plants. Scented plants, the plants illustrated in Audubon's Birds of America, herbaceous and tree peonies, roses, clematis, bog plants and a merry tangle of others fill almost every space. Wildlife is welcome and encouraged; snakes, toads, the occasional box turtle, the common local mammals and a gratifyingly bewildering variety of birds come and go, all in an intensely developed suburban area. Books and well-packed cold frames help round out the gardening experience. Favorite geophyte genera include Crocus, Tulipa, Lilium, Trillium, Paris, really just about anything I can both obtain and grow. I joined this list in January 2004.

See my videos:

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Note: Jim died January 29,2021. He was remembered for his many posts to the PBS list where he shared his knowledge based on long experience of plants, fauna in the garden, the origin and correct spelling of botanical names, and assorted other off topic discussions. People on the list spoke of his enthusiastic messages, his kindness and his willingness to share. He also wrote a blog. He will be missed.

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