Tulipa is a genus in the Liliaceae family from Europe, western Asia to central Asia and North Africa. There are about 100 species and thousands of cultivars. Although very popular, it is not always easy to grow. Gardeners in warm climates find they do not have the cold temperatures required to iniate bloom and except for the first year after purchasing may only see leaves. To continue to have blooming plants, bulbs must be lifted and refrigerated for 4 to 6 weeks before planting in late fall. Tulips are also prone to disease. Tulip fire (Botrytis tulipae) can cause eventual loss of the bulbs as it is retained in the soil and withered skins of the bulbs. Tulips are also prone to virus. There are photos and information about the different viruses that plague this genus on our wiki Virus page. A few of the same photos below by Janos Agoston show examples of this:

Tulip Breaking Virus infection on Tulipa Darwin-hybrid 'Oxford', Janos AgostonHealthy (on the right) and Tulip Breaking Virus infected Tulipa Fringed 'Lambada' (left), Janos AgostonTulip Breaking Virus in Tulipa viridiflora 'Artist', Janos AgostonTulip Breaking Virus infection, Janos AgostonTulip Band Breaking Virus (tulip with bud), Tulip Breaking virus (single leaf), Janos AgostonTulip Top Breaking Virus, as its name says, causes only break on the edge of the petals, Janos AgostonCucumber Mosaic Virus infection on Tulipa Darwin-hybrid 'Big Chief', Janos Agoston

Dwarf tulips was the topic of the week for the PBS list in February 2004. Mark McDonough supplied the Introduction.

Photos of representative species are shown below.

Tulipa batalinii, Mary Sue IttnerTulipa clusiana, John LonsdaleTulipa clusiana var. chrysantha, Mark McDonoughTulipa humilis, Arnold TrachtenbergTulipa linifolia, Mary Sue IttnerTulipa polychroma, Mark McDonoughTulipa pulchella, Dave Brastow

Information and pictures of a specific species or hybrid cultivar can be found by looking on the wiki Tulipa pages or by clicking on the specific link in the table below.

Tulipa species
Tulipa acuminata Tulipa altaica Tulipa agenensis Tulipa aucheriana
Tulipa bakeri Tulipa batalinii Tulipa clusiana Tulipa cretica
Tulipa cypria Tulipa dasystemon Tulipa dasystemonoides Tulipa edulis
Tulipa eichleri Tulipa ferganica Tulipa fosteriana Tulipa greigii
Tulipa heteropetala Tulipa heterophylla Tulipa hissarica Tulipa humilis
Tulipa karabachensis Tulipa kaufmanniana Tulipa linifolia Tulipa mongolica
Tulipa neustruevae Tulipa orithyioides Tulipa orphanidea Tulipa polychroma
Tulipa praestans Tulipa pulchella Tulipa saxatilis Tulipa schrenkii
Tulipa sprengeri Tulipa stapfii Tulipa suaveolens Tulipa sylvestris
Tulipa systola Tulipa tarda Tulipa turkestanica Tulipa uniflora
Tulipa urumiensis Tulipa vvedenskyi Tulipa whittallii
Tulipa hybrids and cultivars
Tulipa 'Angelique' Tulipa 'Big Chief' Tulipa 'Blushing Beauty' Tulipa Darwin Hybrids
Tulipa 'Fringed Beauty' Tulipa 'Lambada' Tulipa 'Little Princess' Tulipa 'Orange Toronto'
Tulipa 'Purple Prince' Tulipa vvedenskyi hybrid Tulipa 'White Triumphator' Tulipa 'Willem van Oranje'

For more pictures and information see the Botanical Tulips Association

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