Belamcanda commonly known as Blackberry lily, is in the Iridaceae family and has rhizomatous roots and iris-like fans of foliage. The flowers are followed by clusters of glossy black seeds which resemble blackberry (Rubus) fruit. As a result of DNA sequence evidence, Peter Goldblatt and David Mabberley in Novon 15: 128, 2005 are now including Belamcanda in Iris. Because of priorities and taxonomic necessities, the new name they propose for Belamcanda chinensis is Iris domestica. This change has been accepted.

Iris domestica syn. Belamcanda chinensis is native to China and Japan and has orange flowers with reddish spots. Photo 1 taken July 2004 by Jay Yourch, Nr. 2 by Martin Bohnet.

Iris domestica, Jay YourchIris domestica, Martin Bohnet

'Hello Yellow' is a yellow flowered selection with a neat, compact habit. Photos 1-3 taken July 2004 and September 2009 by Jay Yourch. The last two photos taken by Hans Joschko.

Iris domestica 'Hello Yellow' July 2004, Jay YourchIris domestica 'Hello Yellow', July 2004, Jay YourchIris domestica 'Hello Yellow' seed pods, September 2009, Jay YourchIris domestica 'Hello Yellow', Hans JoschkoIris domestica 'Hello Yellow', Hans Joschko

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