Homoglossum is a genus in the Iridaceae family named in 1866. Species were described as having flowers that were orange to red, long tubed and adapted to pollination by sunbirds. Along with Oenostachys and Anomalesia, genera with the same characteristics, it was included by Peter Goldblatt and M. P. De Vos in 1989 in Gladiolus. Several of the species listed below were named Homoglossum at one time but were not included in that genus when it was revised. A few of the species are now included in Tritoniopsis.

Homoglossum abbreviatum (Andrews) Goldblatt = Gladiolus abbreviatus

Homoglossum acuminatum (N.E.Br.) N.E.Br. = Gladiolus watsonius

Homoglossum aureum (Baker) Oberm. = Gladiolus aureus

Homoglossum caryphyllaceum (Burm.f.) N.E.Br. = Gladiolus caryophyllaceus

Homoglossum flexicaule N.E.Br. = Gladiolus watsonius

Homoglossum fourcadei (L.Bolus) N.E.Br. = Gladiolus fourcadei

Homoglossum gawleri (Baker) N.E.Br. = Gladiolus watsonius

Homoglossum guthriei (L.Bolus) L.Bolus = Gladiolus overbergensis

Homoglossum hollandii L.Bolus = Gladiolus huttonii

Homoglossum huttonii N.E.Br. = Gladiolus huttonii

Homoglossum lucidor (L.f.) Baker = Tritoniopsis triticea

Homoglossum merianellum (Thunb.) Baker = Gladiolus bonaspei

Homoglossum muirii (L.Bolus) N.E.Br. = Gladiolus teretifolius

Homoglossum praecox (Andrews) Salisb. = Gladiolus watsonius

Homoglossum priorii (N.E.Br.) N.E.Br. = Gladiolus priorii

Homoglossum pulchrum Schltr. = Tritoniopsis pulchra

Homoglossum quadrangulare (Burm.f.) N.E.Br. = Gladiolus quadrangularis

Homoglossum revolutum sensu Baker = Gladiolus watsonius

Homoglossum vandermerwei (L.Bolus) L.Bolus = Gladiolus vandermerwei

Homoglossum watsonium (Thunb.) N.E.Br. = Gladiolus watsonius

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