Anapalina is a genus in the Iridaceae family that was named in 1932 that was included in Tritoniopsis by Peter Goldblatt in 1990. It included species with large, bright red flowers with an elongate perianth tube that were adapted for pollination by sunbirds and also sometimes butterflies.

Anapalina burchellii (N.E.Br.) N.E.Br. = Tritoniopsis burchellii

Anapalina caffra (Ker Gawl. ex Baker) G.J.Lewis = Tritoniopsis caffra

Anapalina intermedia (Baker) G.J.Lewis = Tritoniopsis intermedia

Anapalina longituba Fourc. = Tritoniopsis antholyza

Anapalina nervosa (Thunb.) G.J.Lewis = Tritoniopsis antholyza

Anapalina pulchra (Baker) N.E.Br. = Tritoniopsis pulchra

Anapalina revoluta N.E.Br. = Tritoniopsis antholyza

Anapalina triticea (Burm.f.) N.E.Br. = Tritoniopsis triticea

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