Moraea is a huge genus in the Iridaceae family. Most of the 220-plus species of Moraea are found in sub-Saharan Africa, with more than 120 species native to the Cape Floral Province of South Africa. Some Moraea species grow in the summer, but most are winter-growing, and many have purple or yellow flowers that look like miniature beardless irises. Some Moraea species are known as "Peacock flowers" because they have very brightly colored flowers with contrasting centers.

In 1998, Moraea was merged by taxonomists with several other genera. Major groupings within the merged genus include:

To help growers cope with the changes, we created separate pages for each subgroup, and listed the species whose names were changed under their new names along with their old names. In 2013, based on molecular studies the genus was reorganized again into 11 subgenera. We have not yet restructured the Moraea part of the wiki to take into account that new organization, but you can see the paper on it here, and a summary of the taxonomy here. More information can be learned from Peter Goldblatt's book on Moraeas and Manning, Goldblatt, Snijman, 2002.

These photos illustrate species in the Galaxia, Gynandriris, Hexaglottis, and Homeria subgroups.

Galaxia subgroup, Moraea galaxia, Alan HorstmannGalaxia subgroup, Moraea melanops, Cameron McMasterGynandriris subgroup, Moraea pritzeliana, Bob WerraHexaglottis subgroup, Moraea nana, Bob RutemoellerHomeria subgroup, Moraea ochroleuca, Alan HorstmannHomeria subgroup, Moraea vallisbelli, Mary Sue Ittner

These photos illustrate species in the Moraea subgroup.

Moraea tripetala, Mary Sue IttnerMoraea neglecta, Cameron McMasterMoraea lurida, Cameron McMasterMoraea villosa, Mary Sue IttnerMoraea polystachya, Bob RutemoellerMoraea thomasiae, Bob Werra

To grow Moraea from seeds, sow them in a well drained mix and allow the plants to have temperature fluctuations of warm days and cool nights. Plant winter-growing species in fall, and summer-growing species in spring. Most species will tolerate light frost but not extended freezes. Depending on the species, germination can happen within three weeks or take as long as three years (Dell Sherk). Most species take three years to go from seed to flower, but Moraea polystachya and Moraea villosa were reported to flower in 1-2 years (Mary Sue Ittner). Will Ashburner recorded germination and flowering time of 12 species where the first number is weeks to germination and the second is weeks to flowering. Moraea alticola (10, 118), Moraea bellendenii (5, 130), Moraea bubalina (5, 136), Moraea insolens (5, 129), Moraea macronyx (5, 120), Moraea moggii (29, 136), Moraea ramosissima (6, 130), Moraea serpentina (3, 130), Moraea spathulata (6, 135), Moraea thomsonii (6, 128), Moraea tricuspidata (5, 126), Moraea tripetala (3, 121-124).

You can find information on pollinating Moraea flowers here.

Bob Werra gave a talk at the 2006 Indigenous Bulb Association of South Africa's symposium. The title of his talk was Mad about Moraeas. He discussed his experience growing this genus in Ukiah, California and passed out a sheet summarizing his experiences and rating the ones he grows. He has kindly allowed this summary to be added to the wiki.

More information about specific species can be found by accessing the wiki pages listed below or by clicking on the links for the species in the table.
Galaxia - Gynandriris - Hexaglottis - Homeria A-J - Homeria K-Z - Moraea group A - Moraea group B - Moraea group C-E - Moraea group F - Moraea group G-I - Moraea group J-M - Moraea group N-R - Moraea group S - Moraea group T - Moraea group U-V - Moraea Hybrids

Moraea species
Moraea albicuspa Moraea albiflora Moraea algoensis Moraea alpina
Moraea alticola Moraea amissa Moraea anomala Moraea aristata
Moraea atropunctata Moraea barkerae Moraea barnardiella Moraea barnardii
Moraea bellendenii Moraea bifida Moraea bipartita Moraea bituminosa
Moraea bolusii Moraea brevistyla Moraea britteniae Moraea bubalina
Moraea caeca Moraea calcicola Moraea cantharophila Moraea cedarmontana
Moraea ciliata Moraea citrina Moraea collina Moraea comptonii
Moraea contorta Moraea cookii Moraea cooperi Moraea crispa
Moraea debilis Moraea deltoidea Moraea doleritica Moraea dracomontana
Moraea eburnea Moraea elegans Moraea elliotii Moraea elsiae
Moraea exiliflora Moraea falcifolia Moraea fenestrata Moraea fergusoniae
Moraea filamentosa Moraea flaccida Moraea fugacissima Moraea fugax
Moraea galaxia Moraea gawleri Moraea gigandra Moraea graminicola
Moraea herrei Moraea hiemalis Moraea huttonii Moraea hybrids - Homeria group
Moraea hybrids - Moraea group Moraea inclinata Moraea inconspicua Moraea incurva
Moraea insolens Moraea intermedia Moraea karroica Moraea lazulina
Moraea lewisiae Moraea lilacina Moraea longiaristata Moraea longifolia
Moraea loubseri Moraea lugubris Moraea luteoalba Moraea lurida
Moraea macrocarpa Moraea macronyx Moraea marionae Moraea marlothii
Moraea mediterranea Moraea melanops Moraea miniata Moraea muddii
Moraea modesta Moraea nana Moraea natalensis Moraea neglecta
Moraea neopavonia Moraea ochroleuca Moraea papilionacea Moraea pendula
Moraea petricola Moraea polyanthos Moraea polystachya Moraea pseudospicata
Moraea pritzeliana Moraea pubiflora Moraea pyrophila Moraea radians
Moraea ramosissima Moraea regalis Moraea reticulata Moraea riparia
Moraea rivulicola Moraea saxicola Moraea schlechteri Moraea serpentina
Moraea setifolia Moraea simulans Moraea singularis Moraea sisyrinchium
Moraea spathulata Moraea speciosa Moraea striata Moraea stricta
Moraea thermarum Moraea thomasiae Moraea tortilis Moraea tricolor
Moraea tricuspidata Moraea trifida Moraea tripetala Moraea tulbaghensis
Moraea umbellata Moraea unguiculata Moraea vallisbelli Moraea variabilis
Moraea vegeta Moraea versicolor Moraea vespertina Moraea vigilans
Moraea villosa Moraea virgata Moraea viscaria Moraea vuvuzela
Moraea worcesterensis Moraea 'Zoe'

Galaxia - Gynandriris - Hexaglottis - Homeria A-J - Homeria K-Z - Moraea group A - Moraea group B - Moraea group C-E - Moraea group F - Moraea group G-I - Moraea group J-M - Moraea group N-R - Moraea group S - Moraea group T - Moraea group U-V - Moraea Hybrids

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