Antholyza is a former genus in the family Iridaceae with species that were mainly similar in their flowers which are adapted to pollination by sunbirds. The numerous flowers were mostly orange to red with long curved perianth tubes and unequal segments. As the various species were studied, they were assigned to different genera including Babiana, Chasmanthe, Crocosmia, Gladiolus, and Tritoniopsis.

Antholyza abbreviata (Andrews) Pers. = Gladiolus abbreviatus

Antholyza acuminata N.E.Br. = Gladiolus watsonius

Antholyza aethiopica L. = Chasmanthe aethiopica

Antholyza bicolor Gasp. = Chasmanthe bicolor

Antholyza buckerveldii L.Bolus = Gladiolus buckerveldii

Antholyza burchellii N.E.Br. = Tritoniopsis burchellii

Antholyza caffra Ker Gawl. ex Baker = Tritoniopsis caffra

Antholyza caryophyllacea Burm.f. = Gladiolus caryophyllaceus

Antholyza cunonia L. = Gladiolus cunonius

Antholyza duftii Schinz = Gladiolus saccatus

Antholyza floribunda Salisb. = Chasmanthe aethiopica

Antholyza fourcadei L.Bolus = Gladiolus fourcadei

Antholyza fragrans E.Mey. ex Klatt = Tritoniopsis parviflora

Antholyza fucata (Herb.) Baker = Crocosmia fucata

Antholyza guthriei L.Bolus = Gladiolus overbergensis

Antholyza hirsuta Lam. = Babiana hirsuta

Antholyza intermedia Baker = Tritoniopsis intermedia

Antholyza laxiflora Baker = Gladiolus antholyzoides

Antholyza lucidor L.f. = Tritoniopsis triticea

Antholyza magnifica Harms = Gladiolus magnificus

Antholyza montana (L.f.) Ker Gawl. = Tritoniopsis parviflora var. parviflora

Antholyza muirii L.Bolus = Gladiolus teretifolius

Antholyza namaquensis (N.E.Br.) Goldblatt = Babiana hirsuta

Antholyza nemorosa E.Mey. ex Klatt = Tritoniopsis nemorosa

Antholyza nervosa Thunb. = Tritoniopsis antholyza

Antholyza orchidiflora (Andrews) Klatt = Tritoniopsis parviflora

Antholyza paniculata Klatt = Crocosmia paniculata

Antholyza plicata L.f. = Babiana hirsuta

Antholyza praealta Redout? = Chasmanthe floribunda

Antholyza praealta sensu J.W.Loudon = Chasmanthe aethiopica

Antholyza priorii N.E.Br. = Gladiolus priorii

Antholyza pulchrum Baker = Tritoniopsis pulchra

Antholyza quadrangularis Burm.f. = Gladiolus quadrangularis

Antholyza ramosa Eckl. ex Klatt = Tritoniopsis ramosa

Antholyza revoluta Burm. = Tritoniopsis revoluta

Antholyza revoluta sensu Baker = Gladiolus watsonius

Antholyza ringens L. = Babiana ringens subsp. ringens

Antholyza schlechteri Baker = Gladiolus antholyzoides

Antholyza spectabilis Schinz = Gladiolus magnificus

Antholyza spicata Brehmer ex Klatt = Tritoniopsis antholyza

Antholyza steingroeveri Pax = Gladiolus saccatus

Antholyza triticea (Burm.f.) N.E.Br. = Tritoniopsis triticea

Antholyza vandermerwei L.Bolus = Gladiolus vandermerwei

Antholyza vittigera Salisb. = Chasmanthe aethiopica

Antholyza watsonia (Thunb.) Pax = Gladiolus watsonius

Antholyza zambesiaca Baker = Gladiolus magnificus

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