Engysiphon is a former genus in the Iridaceae family named in 1932 by G.J.Lewis. In 1985 it became a section of Geissorhiza. Flowers in this section are large white or pink and face to the side with unilateral stamens. Both the stamens and the style arch downward. Most of the species in this section have flowers with a long perianth tube.

Engysiphon brevitubus G.J.Lewis = Geissorhiza brevituba

Engysiphon exscapus (Thunb.) G.J.Lewis = Geissorhiza exscapa

Engysiphon longifolius G.J.Lewis = Geissorhiza longifolia

Engysiphon longitubus G.J.Lewis = Geissorhiza exscapa

Engysiphon pictus (R.C.Foster) G.J.Lewis sensu G.J.Lewis = Geissorhiza bonaspei Goldblatt (as Geissorhiza bonae-spei)

Engysiphon roseoalbus (G.J.Lewis) G.J.Lewis = Geissorhiza roseoalba

Engysiphon roseus (Schinz) G.J.Lewis = Geissorhiza tenella

Engysiphon schinzii (Baker) G.J.Lewis = Geissorhiza schinzii

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