Brunsvigia is a South African genus of Amaryllidaceae which grow in semi-arid regions. There are about 20 species which produce amazing floral displays in autumn. Brunsvigia was the topic of the week for the Pacific Bulb Society list in January 2003. Click on the link to read Bill Dijk's Introduction. For more information consult the The South African National Biodiversity Institute Brunsvigia page.

Jim Lykos, who breeds Amaryllids in Australia, has found that the fertility of Brunsvigia flowers depends on the size of the inflorescence and number of leaves. When the inflorescence has a relatively low number of flowers, it is self-infertile. When it has more flowers, the flowers tend to be self-fertile and are also more likely to cross-breed successfully with other Amaryllid genera. The number of flowers produced in autumn is proportional to the number of leaves produced in the previous growing season.

He also found that the plants will sometimes produce one or two seeds per capsule even when crossed with incompatible pollen. The seeds produced by these crosses are apomixic (clones of the seed parent).

His comments can be read here.

Ă—Amarygia is the name used for hybrids between Amaryllis belladonna and Brunsvigia.

Representatives of some of the species are shown below. Information on named species can be found on the wiki pages below or by clicking on the name of the species in the table.

Photos of a few of the species are shown below.

Brunsvigia bosmaniae, Nieuwoudtville, Rachel SaundersBrunsvigia grandiflora, Maclear, Mary Sue IttnerBrunsvigia gregaria, Cameron McMasterBrunsvigia josephinae, UC Botanical Garden, Nhu NguyenBrunsvigia marginata, du Toits kloof pass, Rachel SaundersBrunsvigia marginata infructescence, Michael MaceBrunsvigia radulosa, Dordrecht, Cameron McMaster

For more photos and information about the species select the appropriate wiki page:

or click on the name in the table below:

Brunsvigia species
Brunsvigia appendiculata Brunsvigia bosmaniae Brunsvigia comptonii Brunsvigia elandsmontana
Brunsvigia grandiflora Brunsvigia gregaria Brunsvigia gydobergensis Brunsvigia herrei
Brunsvigia josephinae Brunsvigia litoralis Brunsvigia marginata Brunsvigia minor
Brunsvigia namaquana Brunsvigia natalensis Brunsvigia orientalis Brunsvigia pulchra
Brunsvigia radula Brunsvigia radulosa Brunsvigia striata Brunsvigia sp. nova
Brunsvigia undulata

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