Lyn Edwards

I grow my bulbs and other plants in my suburban garden in Canberra, the Australian national capital. This city is inland with low humidity levels. The climate here is basically USDA zone 8 with hot dry summers to the high 30's C (100 degrees F) with some storms. Winters tend to be quite dry with cold nights down to -7 °C (20 degrees F) though it can get colder. It snows occasionally. This is a low rain fall area; most tends to fall in autumn and spring.

My basic bulb interests are small cold climate species and the smaller South Africans though I do try many other things that are likely to grow in this zone. I really love crocuses, galanthus, fritillarias, trilliums, arisaemas and I have fairly recently started trying the wonderful North and South American bulbs-I guess that covers most of them.

My camera is a Sony Mavica FD85. Not the newest or best but it suits my level of technical competence.

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