Cyanicula is a genus of terrestrial tuberous plants in the Orchidaceae family formerly included in Caladenia. They are native to Australia.

The Species Orchid Society of Western Australia hosts a lot of information online about Australian orchids here.

The Australian terrestrial orchids are notoriously challenging to grow, although some enthusiasts are starting to achieve success by cultivating the symbiotic fungus that many of the orchids require in order to grow. Very careful fertilization is required to keep the fungus and orchid in balance. There's a good discussion of the relationship here.

Cyanicula amplexans, syn. Caladenia amplexans is a small orchid with one dark green leaf and 1 to 2 flowers on a thick wiry scape growing to 20 cm. The flowers are blue and about 2 cm. across. This species is native to Western Australia where is it found in shrubland, she-oak thickets, and mallee scrub. Photo by Bob Rutemoeller taken September 2007 near Pemberton.

Cyanicula amplexans, Bob Rutemoeller

Cyanicula sericea , syn. Caladenia sericea, known as the silky blue orchid is endemic to Western Australia. It is widespread in the southwest, often near the coast and is found in well drained soil in shrubby jarrah forests, banksia woodland, and granite outcrops. It grows to 40 cm tall and has 1 to 4 mauve to blue flowers to 4 cm across. It has one silky hairy ovate leaf. This one was photographed by Mary Sue Ittner at a wildflower show in Albany, September 2007.

Cyanicula sericea, Mary Sue Ittner

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