Orchidaceae or the orchid family is a worldwide family of about 880 genera and more than 20,000 perennial epiphytic or terrestrial species in order Asparagales. Each flower has 3 sepals and 3 petals borne above a 3-chambered ovary. Many grow from a tuber or a rhizome and have an intricate structure that has evolved from their pollination strategy. Seeds are short-lived, often tiny and fine and may need to form an internal root association with a soil fungus in order to give rise to new plants.

All trade with orchidaceae is subject to CITES regulations.

Genera of Orchidaceae on the PBS wiki
Anacamptis Arachnorchis Bartholina Bletilla Bipinnula
Bonatea Brachycorythis Brownleea Bunochilus Caladenia
Calanthe Calopogon Calypso Cephalanthera Ceratandra
Chiloglottis Chloraea Cleistes Corycium Corallorhiza
Cyanicula Cypripedium Dactylorhiza Drakonorchis Disa
Disperis Diuris Eleorchis Elythranthera Epipactis
Eulophia Glossodia Goodyera Govenia Gymnadenia
Habenaria Himantoglossum Holothrix Jonesiopsis Leptoceras
Linguella Listera see Neottia Lyperanthus Neobolusia Neottia
Ophrys Orchis Pecteilis Petalochilus Piperia
Platanthera Pleione Plumatichilos Ponerorchis Prasophyllum
Pterostylis Pterygodium Satyrium Schizochilus Serapias
Simpliglottis Spiranthes Stegostyla Thelymitra Tipularia

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