Disa is a genus in the family Orchidaceae and is mostly found in southern and eastern Africa. Species are deciduous or evergreen terrestrial plants with both tuberous and stoloniferous root systems. They are found from sea level to about 7000 feet. They grow in full sun to partial shade. They seem to require regardless of their growing conditions that their roots remain cool and moist. While there are about 200 different species known, only a few are commonly grown. The easily grown evergreen species include Disa aurata, Disa cardinalis, Disa caulescens, Disa racemosa, Disa tripetaloides, Disa uniflora, and Disa venosa.

Disa cardinalis, Ragnhild CrawfordDisa cooperi, Aurora Peak, Cameron McMasterDisa cornuta, Maclear, Bob RutemoellerDisa crassicornis, Aurora Peak, Cameron McMasterDisa graminifolia, Napier, Cameron McMasterDisa porrecta, Balloch, Mary Sue IttnerDisa pulchra, Cameron McMaster

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Disa species
Disa aconitoides Disa arida Disa atricapilla Disa bifida
Disa bivalvata Disa bolusiana Disa bracteata Disa brevicornis
Disa cardinalis Disa cephalotes Disa chrysostachya Disa cooperi
Disa cornuta Disa crassicornis Disa cylindrica Disa elegans
Disa ferruginea Disa filicornis Disa fragrans Disa gladioliflora
Disa graminifolia Disa hians Disa inflexa Disa karooica
Disa lugens Disa multifida Disa neglecta Disa nervosa
Disa nivea Disa obtusa Disa ocellata Disa oreophila
Disa ovalifolia Disa patula Disa polygonoides Disa porrecta
Disa pulchra Disa purpurascens Disa racemosa Disa sagittalis
Disa salteri Disa schlechteriana Disa scullyi Disa spathulata
Disa stachyoides Disa stricta Disa thodei Disa tripetaloides
Disa uncinata Disa uniflora Disa venosa Disa versicolor

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