Glossodia is a small genus of two species in the Orchidaceae family endemic to eastern Australia. The two species are terrestrial, growing from tubers, and with a solitary hairy leaf and usually one to two mauve to purple flowers. The common name is Wax-lip Orchid.

Glossodia major is a slender plant that is 10 to 40 cm high. The 3.4 to 4.5 cm. flowers are usually solitary, but occasionally 2 and range in color from pale to deep mauve, occasionally white. It grows in a variety of habitats and flowers in spring. The lip is white at the base with a mauve or purple tip. The pictures below were taken by Mary Sue Ittner and Bob Rutemoeller in October 2007 in Victoria (near Apollo Bay and in the Grampians).

Glossodia major, Apollo Bay, Mary Sue IttnerGlossodia major, Apollo Bay, Mary Sue IttnerGlossodia major, Grampians, Mary Sue IttnerGlossodia major, Grampians, Bob Rutemoeller

Glossodia minor is smaller (flower size 2 to 2.5 cm.) and found in heathland and healthy forest, mainly in coastal regions. It has a mauve lip.

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