Calanthe is a mostly terrestrial genus in the Orchidaceae family of about 150 species, found in Asia, Africa and Central America.

Calanthe discolor Lindl. is a woodland orchid from Japan, Korea and south-east China. Photographs taken by Mari Kitama.

Calanthe discolor, Mari KitamaCalanthe discolor, Mari Kitama

Calanthe mannii Hook. is a widespread species occurring in temperate areas from the Himalayas to Japan. It is in fact a Calanthe en miniature as everything about it is tiny - you can see the Anemone (Anemonoides) nemorosa in the background of the images by Martin Bohnet. For him, it survived about -7 °C in a mild but wet winter. From the tip emerging mid April it took only 2 weeks to flower, before the leaves were completely developed.

Calanthe mannii, Martin BohnetCalanthe mannii, Martin BohnetCalanthe mannii,  Martin Bohnet

Calanthe tricarinata Lindl. is a widespread orchid from northern Pakistan throughout temperate Asia to Japan with loose panicles of bright lemon-green flowers with a ruffled, reddish-brown lip . It is said to be among the hardiest of the Genus.

Calanthe tricarinata, Martin BohnetCalanthe tricarinata, Martin Bohnet

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