Govenia is a genus of 30 species of terrestrial orchids in the Orchidaceae family that are found in most of Tropical America (including Florida in the United States). Most members of the genus have cormous, egg-shaped pseudobulbs and thin, plicate leaves that are usually paired.

Govenia superba is found in Central and South America. It grows at high altitudes between 1500-2500 meters in the understory of moist, montane oak and pine-oak forests. The plant's growing cycle coincides with the rainy season that runs from June-November. The plant commences growth with the first rains of summer, flowers in June-August, and then dies back during the dry season. The inflorescence has 20-50 flowers and can grow to heights of over one meter. The flowers are yellow-green with red stripes on the inner portion of the petals and with reddish-brown spots on the lip. Photos by Dennis Szeszko showing the entire inflorescence, the characteristic leaves, and the flowers.

Govenia superba, Dennis SzeszkoGovenia superba, leaves, Dennis SzeszkoGovenia superba, close-up, Dennis SzeszkoGovenia superba, in-situ picture, Dennis Szeszko

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