Brachycorythis is a genus in the Orchidaceae family native mostly to Africa and Madagascar with a few species from Asia. Species are terrestrial, tuberous, leafy with spikes or racemes usually dense and many flowered.

Brachycorythis macowaniana Rchb.f. is a South African species found in grassland or restio veld in the Southern Cape from Swellendam to the Eastern Cape. Growing from 10 to 23 cm, it has narrowly lanceolate leaves and small flowers in a dense raceme. Sepals are brownish, petals green and the lip cream to yellow, sometimes with a central green stripe. Flowering is November to December, after fire. Photos from the CD for the book Plants of the Klein Karoo courtesy of Jan and Anne Lise Schutte-Vlok.

Brachycorythis macowaniana, Jan and Anne Lise Schutte-VlokBrachycorythis macowaniana, Jan and Anne Lise Schutte-Vlok

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