Tipularia is a genus in the Orchidaceae containing two similar species. One from the Himalayas and one from the southeastern United States. An ovate leaf is produced during the winter months from a tuberous terrestrial root. This disappears in the summer when the scape of flowers appears on mature plants.

Tipularia discolor is found in the piedmont and portions of the coastal plain throughout the southeastern United States. The gently pleated winter leaves are at least green above and burgundy below. There are several variations however. The most common variation is a variable scattering of pewter blotches across the upper surface of the blade. In addition, variations with alternating green and burgundy stripes or even solid burgundy under surfaces either with or without the pewter blotches have also been observed. These are photographs of plants and mature seed pods in Gadsden County, Florida. Photos by Alani Davis.

Tipularia discolor, Alani DavisTipularia discolor, Alani DavisTipularia discolor, Alani DavisTipularia discolor, Alani Davis

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