Alani Davis

I live in Tallahassee and garden in the east and central panhandle of Florida. This area is zone 8b at least for the moment. I have chosen to live in this area for a number of reasons all of them botanically related. If this concept for making life decisions is foreign to you, you are blessed. Regardless, I persist to cultivate, cajole, and nurture a number of plants including amaryllids, irids, aroids, agavids(Agave, Yucca, Nolina, Manfreda & the lot), bamboos & other grasses, cycads, palms, orchids, maples, magnolia, Nymphaea, gingers, Marantids, wetland plants, aquatic plants, carnivorous plants, ferns, native species (my local region & then mostly this planet), as well as various other plants & not necessarily in that order. The soils are mixed & various from sandy, sandy clays, clays acidic to calcareous, dry to fully submerged. Summers here are generally hot & humid, winters mild to cool with variable rainfall & spikes of colder temperatures with several freezes per winter. I also enjoy photography and with the help & encouragement of other members have been encouraged to share here. Photos at Alpinia, xAmarcrinum, Calopogon, Cleistes, Crinum, Crinum Hybrids, Curcuma, Erythronium, Gloriosa, Habranthus, Hedychium, Hippeastrum, Hippeastrum Hybrids, Hymenocallis, Kaempferia, Lilium, Listera, Lycoris, Medeola, Platanthera, Rhodophiala, Stahlianthus, Tipularia, Trillium, Zephyranthes, Zephyranthes Hybrids, and Zingiber.

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