Crinum Hybrids

This is the main page for Crinum hybrids and it provides a table of links to pages that contain photographs and detailed information about the hybrids. For a list of Crinum species, visit the PBS Crinum page or click on the links below.

Crinum species A-B - Crinum species C-J - Crinum species L-N - Crinum species O-Z

For those who are interested in hybridizing using Crinum, refer to a list of successful and unsuccessful crosses made by Tony Avent.

The photos below illustrate a few of the hybrids.

Closeup of Crinum 'Pink Trumpet', Alani DavisCloseup of  Crinum 'Stars and Stripes' taken August 2004 by Jay YourchCrinum 'Improved Peach Blow' umbel, Alani DavisCrinum 'Mrs. James Hendry' umbel. Photo taken May 2007 by Jay YourchCrinum 'Fiesta', Alani DavisCloseup of Crinum 'Glory', Alani Davis

For more photos and information about the hybrids select the appropriate wiki page:
White flowered hybrids A-M - White flowered hybrids N-Z - Pink flowered hybrids A-G - Pink flowered hybrids H-M - Pink flowered hybrids N-Z - Rose red flowered hybrids - Striped flowered hybrids A-D - Striped flowered hybrids E-P - Striped flowered hybrids Q-Z
or click on the name in the table below:

Crinum hybrids
'Alamo Village' C. album × C. scabrum 'Alice Elizabeth' C. × amabile
'Amelia Garza' C. amoenum × 'Antares' C. amoenum × 'Emma Jones' C. amoenum × C. procerum splendens
C. amoenum × 'Super Ellen' 'Antares' 'Appleblossom' 'Asian Rose'
C. × augustum 'Bambino' 'Bayou Traveler' 'Birthday Party'
'Bradley' 'Bradley Giant' C. bulbispermum × C. lugardiae 'Bundrant's Light Pink Powellii'
Burbank hybrid 'Burgundy' 'Candy Ruffles' 'Cape Dawn'
'Cape Dawn' × C. bulbispermum 'Cape Dawn' × 'Mrs. James Hendry' 'Carnival' 'Carolina Beauty'
'Carroll Abbott' 'Catherine' 'Cecil Houdyshel' 'Claude Davis'
'Cortes' C. × digweedii 'Eagle Rock' 'Elizabeth Traub'
'Ellen Bosanquet' 'Emma Jones' 'Exotica' 'Fiesta'
Florida unknown hybrid 'Fragrant Lady' 'Glory' C. × goweni
'H.J. Elwes' 'Hannibal's Dwarf' 'Hannibal hybrid' C. × herbertii
'Herbertii Plus' 'Imperial Guard' 'Improved Peachblow' 'Infusion'
'International' 'J.C. Harvey' 'John Erich' 'John's Bid'
'Joyful' 'Jubilee' 'Kim Maureen' 'Kitty Clint'
'Lady Chameleon' 'Lady Chameleon' × 'Mrs. James Hendry' 'Lady Chameleon' × 'Southern Cross' 'Lolita'
'Long Shot' 'Lorraine Clark' 'Louis Bosanquet' 'Lovely Lady'
'Magenta' 'Maiden's Blush' C. mauritianum × C. lineare 'Maurine Spinks'
Miami unknown hybrid 'Monterey Delight' 'Mrs. James Hendry' 'Ms. Nancy'
'Mystery' '9 Stripes' 'Old Maid' 'Ollene'
'Patricia Hardy' 'Pat's Herbertia' 'Peachblow' 'Peachy Keen'
'Peculiar Pink' 'Persephone' 'Peyton's Place' 'P.F. Reasoner'
'Pink Flamingo' 'Pink Mystery' 'Pink Perfume' 'Pink Trumpet'
C. × powellii 'Album' C. × powellii 'Roseum' 'Princess Elizabeth' 'Regina's Disco Lounge'
'Rose Parade' 'Royal White' 'School Bells' 'Schreck'
'Seven Sisters' 'Spring Joy' 'Stars and Stripes' 'Strictly Feminine'
'Stryped Spider Lily' 'Summer Glow' 'Summer Maiden' 'Summer Nocturne'
'Sunbonnet' 'Super Ellen' 'Thaddeus Howard' 'This is Outrageous'
'Twelve Apostles' 'Vera Cruz' C. × virginicum 'Walter Flory'
'White Fluff' 'White Mogul' 'White Prince' 'White Queen'
'Wide Open White' × 'Emma Jones' 'Wide Open White' × 'Spring Joy' C. × worsleyi 'Zan Gypsy'
C. zeylanicum × C. album

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