Bipinnula Comm. ex Juss. is a South American genus in the Orchidaceae Juss. family with about ten species.

Bipinnula fimbriata (Poepp.) I.M.Johnst. is a terrestrial orchid and one of five species native to Chile. This plant is a coastal plant (0-500 m, 0-1640 ft) found in central Chile. It is native to dry, arid areas with long periods of drought and only about 100-300 mm (4-12 in) of rain that occurs in winter. There are coastal fogs other times of the year providing some moisture and protection from the sun. It is difficult to cultivate. The photo below was taken by Eugene Zielinski spring 2011 in Chile where it was growing near Los Vilos. Plants were about 30 cm (12 inches) tall.

Bipinnula fimbriata flowers, Eugene Zielinski

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