Eleorchis F.Maek. is a monotypic genus in the Orchidaceae family, related to Calopogon and Bletilla.

Eleorchis japonica (A.Gray) F.Maek. is the only accepted species in this genus, the sometimes cited E. conformis being a synonym. The species is native to Japan and the Kuril Islands. The delicate, single-leaved and seldom more than two-flowered orchid lives in marshland and is most easily cultivated with its greenish, round corms in sphagnum moss or pure peat. Both magenta and white forms are commercially available.

Eleorchis_japonica_mbt1.jpg ΔEleorchis_japonica_mbt2.jpg ΔEleorchis_japonica_mbt3.jpg Δ

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