Pecteilis is a small genus of around six species in the Orchidaceae family distributed through south east Asia and Japan. The genus was invented by Constantine Samuel Rafinesque in 1836, in his Flora Telluriana taking in Orchis susanne, Orchis radiata and Habenaria gigantea. It is closely related to the genus Habenaria and Platanthera. Members of Pecteilis are distinguished from Habenaria by the stigma lobes not freely extending in front of the column. The name of the genus comes from the Greek word pectein, or comb, in reference to the deeply cut side lobes of the lip in some members.

Pecteilis radiata synonyms Habenaria radiata and Orchis radiata is from Japan, where it is known as Sagi-so and grows in seasonal bogs; common names are the 'Egret Orchid' or 'Crane Orchid' because the flowers look like birds. This species grows from small tubers and is easy in cultivation requiring constant moisture whilst growing and to be dry whilst dormant. Photographs by Mari Kitama.

Pecteilis radiata, Mari KitamaPecteilis radiata, Mari KitamaPecteilis radiata, Mari Kitama

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