Lyperanthus is a small genus of tuberous terrestrial plants in the Orchidaceae family. Two of the species are native to Australia and bloom in spring. They are dormant in summer.

Lyperanthus serratus Lindl., known as Rattle Beaks since the flowers shake when rattled is endemic to Western Australia where it is found in the wetter areas in the southwest. This orchid grows from 20 to 50 cm. and is found in forest, woodland and heath. Three to ten greenish yellow flowers streaked with crimson and brown are on an erect raceme 20 to 50 cm. high. Flowers are 3 to 5 cm. wide. The single leaf is arched, ribbed, and linear. Photographs taken by Mary Sue Ittner and Bob Rutemoeller in southwestern Australia September 2007.

Lyperanthus serratus, Albany, Mary Sue IttnerLyperanthus serratus, Walpole, Mary Sue IttnerLyperanthus serratus, Walpole, Bob RutemoellerLyperanthus serratus, Stirling Range National Park, Mary Sue Ittner

Lyperanthus suaveolens is native to southeastern Australia where it is found in coastal areas and adjacent ranges. It has a single linear erect leaf. Flower stems are up to 45 cm. tall. The two to eight greenish yellow and brown flowers are about 30 mm in diameter. This species is often referred to as Brown Beaks because the flowers have brown tones.

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