Bunochilus is a genus in the Orchidaceae family. Jones and Clements (2002, Australian Orchid Research volume 4) segregated a number of species from Pterostylis including this genus. Species are found in woodland heath in the eastern states of Australia. Flowers are green and the labellum appendage does not have a tail. These proposed changes have not been accepted by everyone and we are showing the pictures on both wiki pages until the debate is more settled.

Bunochilus melagrammus syn. Pterostylis melagramma was previously included in Pterostylis longifolia. The species is easily defined by the brown stripe/ridge on the labellum. It has two to ten yellow green nodding flowers. The lower sepals are deflexed . Photos taken by Bob Rutemoeller and Mary Sue Ittner in the Grampians, Victoria, October 2007.

Bunochilus melagrammus, Bob RutemoellerBunochilus melagrammus, Bob RutemoellerBunochilus melagrammus, Mary Sue Ittner

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