Goodyera, commonly called Ladies'-tresses, is a genus in the Orchidaceae family named after botanist John Goodyer. There are about 25 species of Goodyera worldwide. Creeping rhizomes and rosettes of evergreen leaves characterize the genus. Goodyera is closely related to the genus Spiranthes. Species of this genus grow in environments ranging from alpine valleys in Scandinavia to the laurisilva (Laurel forest) of Macaronesia to North American coniferous forests. It is widespread across much of Europe, Asia, Australia, North America, and various islands of the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic Oceans. The four species endemic to North America are commonly called "rattlesnake plantain".

Goodyera oblongifolia Raf. has a basal rosette of thick leaves, erect flower stem. Leaves sessile, oblong tapering to base, entire, deep green usually with prominent white midvein and smaller white side veins, often white patches, but occasionally entirely plain green. Flower stem with few bracts, flowers held densely at top. Flowers white, tubular, with upper petals and sepals forming hood over lower. Grows in dry conifer forests in leaf compost at low to mid-elevations. Leaf rosettes often found without flowers. The first two photos by Travis Owen were taken August 2014 on an empty seaside lot in Bandon, Oregon growing in the pine needle litter under a group of small conifers. The next two photos were taken at Stillwater Cove by Bob Rutemoeller. The last two were taken on The Sea Ranch by Bob Rutemoeller and Mary Sue Ittner.

Goodyera oblongifolia, Travis OwenGoodyera oblongifolia, Travis OwenGoodyera oblongifolia, Stillwater Cove Regional Park, Bob RutemoellerGoodyera oblongifolia, Stillwater Cove Regional Park, Bob RutemoellerGoodyera oblongifolia, Bob RutemoellerGoodyera oblongifolia, Mary Sue Ittner

Goodyera pubescens (Willd.) R. Br is an Eastern US orchid, and is known as the downy rattlesnake plantain due to the fine pubescence covering the leaves and flowering stalk. See USDA NRCS fact sheet on Goodyera pubescens. Image of cultivated plant by Travis Owen.

Goodyera pubescens leaves, Travis Owen

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