Forums vs. Listserves

J.E. Shields
Thu, 14 Feb 2008 13:24:15 PST
Hi all,

I have to agree completely with Boyce.  I find that I simply don't bother 
to look into web forums, ever.  I guess I'm more of an e-mail person, where 
the information comes to me, than a web person, where I have to go dig 
around for it.

The internet connections I use, cable modem and Earthlink dialup, allow you 
to turn off their spam filters.  I do that.  I instead use Mailwasher to 
pre-screen my e-mails before they are downloaded.  You can delete the mail 
you don't want to download using Mailwasher.  You can customize Mailwasher 
to filter out by domain or by individual e-mail address.  It can be found at:

My advice:  if your ISP is not giving you satisfactory service, shop around!

Jim Shields

At 03:10 PM 2/14/2008 -0600, Boyce wrote:
>Unfortunately I've not experienced the same satisfaction with forums
>that I've received from the PBS listserve. I think the problem revolved
>around the fact I had to login to yet another application to see what
>had been posted - over time it simply became too cumbersome (sad but
>I suggest focusing on fixing the part that is broken.
>Boyce Tankersley

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