Forums vs. Listserves

Boyce Tankersley
Thu, 14 Feb 2008 13:10:03 PST
Hi All:

Unfortunately I've not experienced the same satisfaction with forums
that I've received from the PBS listserve. I think the problem revolved
around the fact I had to login to yet another application to see what
had been posted - over time it simply became too cumbersome (sad but

Yahoo, Google, etc. obtain revenue from advertisers based upon the
number of subscribers they have. If one of these businesses is blocking
legitimate traffic and is unresponsive to requests to solve the problem
I suggest applying economic pressure and moving to a better ISP. In a
polite way I would let them know why they lost your business. Plants are
not the only organisms with latin epithets that will hit these super
sensitive spam blockers.

Based upon the threads (apologies to anyone miffed with my changing the
Subject line but it seemed appropriate) the problem is not with PBS but
rather with the Internet Service Providers that some members use. 

I suggest focusing on fixing the part that is broken.

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