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Allen Repashy
Thu, 14 Feb 2008 12:32:12 PST
Hey everyone,

I am pretty much a lurker and learner here, but I though I would suggest 
that the PBS look into a forum based system rather than a mailing list 
as future upgrade that could solve a lot of problems.
I have an online community I built for people who specialize in geckos. 
It is very active and large... forums are broken down to the genus 
level.... But it can be much simpler than that... possibly just a 
general bulb chat forum, an introduce yourself forum, a news and 
announcements forum. a BX forum.... and let it evolve from there.

The way it works for those who aren't familiar, is you register to the 
community... then you can subscribe to any forum you like, and will 
receive an email notification of new posts in your subscribed forum each 
day. and if you are interested in instant notification, you can 
subscribe to a thread that is of interest and get notified instantly of 
posts in only that thread... Yes, you need to read the messages online, 
but there are so many advantages over a simple list... You guys have an 
awesome Wiki, but this list is a bummer in a lot of ways... At least I 
haven't found out an easy to search the archives.... If I want to search 
for a plant, as far as I can tell, I have to search month by month of 
the archives for information.... where on a forum, you type in a word 
and it searches every post since the beginning.....
vbulletin is the best forum software, it is not free, but worth the 
couple hundred bucks it costs to get it going.... Installation is a 
piece of cake and it can run from the same server as the wiki.

Just a thought...

Here are my forums.... don't let them scare you, as it has evolved into 
a monster over the last five years with lots of added features like 
classifieds, ... but to find information on a specific species is a 
breeze..... One thing I started recently that is turning into a great 
tool is my "Species Contact List".... so you can find others that share 
interests, breeding information, or in the case of plants. pollen and 
seed sources.

here are some links to my site:

forum index

 Species Contact list


Allen Repashy

Mary Sue Ittner wrote:
> For the record, we don't really know why people who have Yahoo email 
> accounts have messages that are bouncing. It may have nothing to do with 
> specific words in the message.  With the huge amount of spam that is 
> clogging the Internet, providers are always trying to find ways of 
> eliminating it before it gets delivered. These methods have to be 
> continually upgraded as the spammers find new ways of getting around them. 
> Not all of the Yahoo accounts were disabled. Administrators only get 
> notices of bounces after the bounce score reaches 5 which means we have no 
> idea whether people on this list are getting all of the messages until they 
> have missed quite a few.
> The message we got as the reason for the bounce that triggered the 
> subscribers who were disabled was that there had been a complaint and that 
> messages were temporarily blocked. It was a canned message so I'm not sure 
> what it meant. Complaints by who and for what was not clear. In the past 
> when we were on I got a notice of all of the bounces. Yahoo had 
> more bounces that some of the other providers but I don't know if that is 
> still true.
> When Comcast rejected all the pbs list messages we later found out that 
> Comcast was rejecting everything from since one person on 
> another list had complained that he or she was not unsubscribed from a list 
> after requesting this to happen. PBS subscribers who contacted Comcast 
> asking to get the pbs list messages were given different solutions by the 
> different support members they talked to.
> I've looked at some of the Yahoo subscribers since all of this happened and 
> there have been a few bounces since, but obviously some of the mail is 
> getting through. So it does not seem that all message are being blocked so 
> I think that each subscriber who is having a problem probably needs to 
> contact their ISP provider for help.
> Mary Sue
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