Wiki Additions- Calochortus from Mary Gerritsen

Mary Sue Ittner
Sat, 26 Jan 2008 17:01:01 PST

Mary's additions have made our Calochortus wiki pages outstanding and I 
want to thank her for all of the time she spent on this project. Some of 
you who thought you may not be able to grow Calochortus could be amazed at 
all the different places they grow (climates, habitats, elevations, etc.) 
In the last couple of days Mary has added pictures of all these new species:

ambiguus, bruneaunis, concolor, dunnii, elegans, fimbriatus, flexuosus, 
gunnisoni, obispoensis, palmeri, panamintensis, striatus

And she has added pictures of four subspecies of Calochortus clavatus, of 
two subspecies of C.  weedii and new pictures of C. albus and C. westonii.…
There are additions on all but two of the eight Calochortus species pages 
(Calochortus species four -Lu-N and Calochortus species seven -T to U). So 
there is a lot to look at.

As she and Ron continue to search for this genus in the wild, there may be 
additions in the future. After not getting almost any rain last year, 
Southern California seems to be getting a lot all at once. I guess it is a 
little early to know what the result of that will be, but it's got to make 
for a better flower season there than the last one.

Mary Sue

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