Wiki Additions- Calochortus from Mary Gerritsen

Pacific Rim
Sat, 26 Jan 2008 18:51:15 PST
Mary Gerritsen has made a contribution to our reference library FAR beyond 
what one might expect as a canny promo for the excellent book on Calochortus 
that she and Ron Parsons have produced.

Based on having met her I attribute this unusual behavior to first, 
generosity and second, the desire to share that real scientists cannot 

Quite a few of us lead double lives in pure bulbophilia and commerce. Mary 
has transcended this. It's as though I dumped into the public domain both 
all the photos from my nursery's website -- which is meant for sharing, and 
clicked into far more often than sales occur, but does have a sales 
component -- and all the best photos from my private cache. Wow.

Mary, I have no idea what you are living on, but I recognize your gesture 
and hope that it will be repaid. Expect that it will be repaid. How is not 
yet clear, but I hope that you will keep us informed. Knowledge will call 
out to knowledge, you may be sure.


Paige Woodward 

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