Calochortus book is a good read!

Marguerite English
Sat, 19 Jan 2008 12:23:44 PST
I bought "Calochortus" by Gerritsen and Parsons. It is packed with 
botanical and historical information about Calochortus, and has 
wonderful detailed pictures of them. I checked the details of some of 
those I do know, and they seem right on target. The authors have done a 
wonderful job! Do read it if you love Calochortus or all of the Liliaceae.

Marguerite English: Gardening with Penstemons, Salvias, Xeric plants, 
Dianthus, Narcissus, Roses, and Irises at 3500 feet in zone 7B, 
mountains of Southern California. I collect and grow tender plants and 
bulbs, especially Epiphyllum, Babiana, Lachenalia, Morea and 
Zephyranthes in a closed patio room.

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