Australian orchid corrections

Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 17 Jan 2008 21:42:51 PST
Yes Diane, but Jones isn't listed as the one naming those genera starting 
with Jones. Szlachetko is a Finnish botanist and it seems that in spite of 
naming two genera starting with Jones that he and Jones are not in 
agreement about all the orchid changes. Also you will be interested to know 
that there is this one:
Davejonesia named by M.A. Clem for some species once considered Dendrobium

I don't see any named starting with Clem however.

David Jones gave the key note speech at a several day Symposium on 
Australian plants I attended many years ago at the Arboretum at the 
University of California at Santa Cruz. They have an amazing selection of 
Australian plants growing at the Arboretum and the Symposium was wonderful. 
At this late date I can't remember what I learned but it obviously made a 
big impression on me as I have a number of Australian plants in my garden 
as a result. Jones gave talks on Australian rain forests, cycads and a 
third on Australian orchids. He and Rodger Elliot have been writing the 
Encyclopedia of Australian Plants suitable for cultivation. They started in 
1980 and the last volume I've seen was Volume 8 through So. Can you imagine 
all the corrections in names they will need to make when they have finished 
the alphabet? They will probably need two volumes just for the changes.

Here's what I found about David Jones:
"David Jones is renowned in Australia and overseas for his botanical and 
horticultural work on Australian plants. His studies of the specialist 
fields of ferns, orchids, palms and cycads have vastly improved our 
understanding of these unique plant groups. He has published many 
scientific papers on this group of plants. David has travelled extensively 
throughout Australia in his search for knowledge and he continues to 
photograph many rare and unusual species from remote areas. He is presently 
a research scientist at the Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research at CSIRO. "

Mary Sue

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