Galanthus phyto requirements

Russell Stafford, Odyssey Bulbs
Sun, 27 Jan 2008 15:08:42 PST
I find that almost invariably where I err in the storage of bulbs is 
in keeping them too moist.  Woodland corydalis, for example -- which 
usually arrive from overseas packed in a moistened medium -- actually 
do better for me packed in a dry medium in plastic bags, which keeps 
them plump but discourages rooting.  The same with most frits and 
erythroniums.  On the other hand, as long as green tissue is not an 
issue, most bare-root geophytes will keep quite well even if moist 
and in root.  I have separated masses of erythroniums that have 
formed veritable rootballs within their plastic packing, all the 
while fearing that I was doing near-lethal harm.  But they just 
shrugged it off.


At 05:33 PM 1/27/2008, you wrote:
>Galanthus bulbs 'deteriorate' only if kept in conditions of high
>temperatures so they 'cook'. They will keep perfectly well in a cool shed,
>either as loose bulbs or packed in dry sand etc, but they must be kept dry.
>Any moisture after about August (as nights cool) will immediately result in
>root formation - and I mean immediately.

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