Galanthus phyto requirements

John Grimshaw
Sun, 27 Jan 2008 14:33:35 PST
Jane McGary wrote > Galanthus bulbs, when stored dry, often deteriorate.
> It is, however, quite feasible to ship the bulbs dormant in late summer, 
> as
> long as you keep them slightly moist (I use very slightly moist 
> vermiculite
> in plastic bags -- I think plastic didn't exist when the "in the green"
> rule was made).

Galanthus bulbs 'deteriorate' only if kept in conditions of high 
temperatures so they 'cook'. They will keep perfectly well in a cool shed, 
either as loose bulbs or packed in dry sand etc, but they must be kept dry. 
Any moisture after about August (as nights cool) will immediately result in 
root formation - and I mean immediately. Washing bulbs for export last 
summer, and subsequent storage in a plastic bag for 2 days, led to root 
appearance that fortunately didn't quite jeopardise the shipping of 
'dormant' bulbs, but was not far off. I would certainly not recommend moist 
vermiculite for shipping unless the presence of roots was not a problem at 
the other end.

Snowdrop bulbs stored dry all last summer and planted out in the garden in 
November are now coming into flower, only a few days after the established 
clumps, to my mind totally debunking the myth of the necessity of planting 
'in the green', which to my mind is a most deleterious practice that 
thinking gardeners should not condone.

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