Galanthus phyto requirements

Jane McGary
Sun, 27 Jan 2008 13:45:26 PST
Regarding obtaining Galanthus, the address of Hitch Lyman's Temple Nursery 
has been provided. He does have a good list, but the prices are very high 
and he ships plants only "in the green," i.e., in growth, a practice that I 
believe arose because Galanthus bulbs, when stored dry, often deteriorate. 
It is, however, quite feasible to ship the bulbs dormant in late summer, as 
long as you keep them slightly moist (I use very slightly moist vermiculite 
in plastic bags -- I think plastic didn't exist when the "in the green" 
rule was made).

I think the requirement for a CITES certificate is usually applied by Dutch 
shippers not to each variety, but to each genus involved in a shipment, so 
one certificate should cover all Galanthus ordered. At least, that was my 
experience, and I paid $50 per genus.

It might be useful for those interested in Galanthus to collate a list of 
the species and varieties they're growing in their country, such as the US 
or Canada, and set up an exchange that didn't involve national borders and 

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon, USA

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