Horrors in the garden, was Re: Real gardens;

Jane McGary janemcgary@earthlink.net
Sun, 27 Jan 2008 13:32:47 PST
Roger wrote,

>This horror (Nothoscordum inodorum) arrived as seed labelled "Leucojum 
>trichophyllum." I know
>who contributed and won't name any names, but it was someone who you
>would have expected to know better. I've often wondered how many
>other gardens were similarly infested.

I ended up with it in exactly the same way, from seed sent to a seed 
exchange (don't remember which one) as Leucojum. I've managed to quell it 
in the bulb frames but it got into a border, where all I can do, short of 
digging up and discarding the soil a foot deep or more, is make sure it 
doesn't flower.

I do have the real L. trichophyllum, by the way, but rarely get enough seed 
from it to send to an exchange. However, I get plenty of bulb offsets to share.

Jane McGary

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